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NeuroLab - Complete solution for research around EEG/ERP based diagnostics and neurofeedback

Good engineering is a requirement for good laboratory equipment. BEE Medic systems were developed in cooperation with clinical and scientific research partners. As a result, they are not only practical, but also provide many algorithms and presets, which allow for a safe entry into neurofeedback. (learn more…)

The devices use modern 24 or 32 bit analog-to-digital converters, have a very good signal to noise ratio, high bandwidth, high sample rate and of course DC coupling.

In the event that the included software packages are not sufficient for the task, additional interfaces to common signal processing toolboxes are available. We will also gladly help in developing software or cooperating in development and research activity.


Neurodiagnostik, EEG/ERP Research, Biomarker development:

  • Up to 39 EEG channels (connectors for standard caps with 19/21/31 electrodes)
  • Up to 8 peripheral inputs for additional sensors EEG recording (DC coupling, low-noise, 24 bit)
  • ERP recording, high timing precision (2ms) Tasks can be created by the user, images, sounds, videos all with the best timing precision
  • Analysis with WinEEG (conversion software) – Analysis with Matlab (interface software)
  • Database (Human Brain Index, see for more information)
  • HBImed Report Service




  • Classical neurofeedback protocols, one or two channels
  • Frequency band training, 1-37 channels, arbitrary filter arrangement
  • Practical evidence based procedures (such as HD ILF by Othmer, Alpha Theta, Synchrony)
  • Slow cortical potentials, 1-37 channels
  • Source based neurofeedback (sLoreta), 19 or 31 channels 



  • 9 attractive interactive animations, optimized for neuro- and biofeedback
  • 2 nanimations and sound environments for relaxation and deep relaxation feedback
  • Tactile Feedback
  • 8 freely programmable outputs for the control of your own devices

Biofeedback, Bio signal processing:


  • Combi-Sensor for heart rate, SpO2, Temperature and Galvanic Skin Response
  • pIRx3 passive-Infrared triple sensor for HEG
  • 8 freely programmable 24 bit inputs
  Neurolab Neurolab Neurolab Neurolab
  Basic 2 Basic 19 / 31 Advanced 19 / 31 Complete 19 / 31
  2 19/21 31/37 19/21 31/37 19/21 31/37
EUR 6'490,- 13'690,- 14'690,- 14'990,- 15'990,- 20'990,- 21'990,-
CHF 7'590,- 15'900,- 16'990,- 17'500,- 18'900,- 24'900,- 25'900,-
NeuroAmp II
NeuroAmp II.5s  
x23, 23-channel digital EEG Add-On  
x39, 39-channel digital EEG Add-On    
digtal cable 5m or 10m  
QIKtest CPT      
Tactile Feedback    
pIRx3 3-channel far infrared sensor      
Combination sensor    
ERP sync&input device      
Cygnet *
Generic Lab (flexible frequency band nfb)
Tomographic Neurofeedback  
InnerTube Base module
InnerTube Add-On
1 additional feedback animation out of:
DDX, ToyTrain, DreamScapes, ParticleWorld    
EEGrec Software      
ERPrec Software      
ERP standard tasks      
task generation software      
HBI Database      
Interface to BioEra
Interface to BioExplorer **
Elektrode set, Ag/AgCl 1 channel set
Elektrode set, Ag/AgCl 2 channel set
Hard Case

* Cygnet is a bio/neurofeedback software that resembles the proven Othmer approach in a practical clinical system

** limited functionality

Additional items:



Comby cap, 24 electrodes, sintered Ag/AgCl



Comby cap, 34 electrodes, sintered Ag/AgCl



ElectroCap Set II (2 caps, paste, supplies) * order only via Switzerland



ElectroCap cap, any size, tin electrodes * order only via Switzerland



Interface to LabView

on request

Interface to MatLab

on request

Open API

requires NDA

Additional feedback animations / games

see here for details