EEG/ERP Analysis

  • EEG recording  for up to 37 channels.
  • Compatible to many cap systems; standard electrode positions according to 10/20 system for 19, 21, and 31 channels.
  • ERP recording, compatible to the Human Brain Index database and the HBImed report service
  • Easy way to create own task modalities
Price EUR (excluding VAT) valid for all countries in the EU8'490,-9'490,-11'800,-12'800,-
Price CHF (excluding VAT) valid for all other countries8'900,-9'900,-12'530,-13'530,-
NeuroAmp II.5s
digital cable 5m or 10m
EEGrec software
ERPrec software
ERP sync&input device
ERP standard tasks
task generation software
Sets contain:
DVD/USB key with Software, Cables, Manual
Online initial installation and calibration
Additional ItemsEURCHF
Comby cap, 24 electrodes, sintered Ag/AgCl445,00485,00
Comby cap, 34 electrodes, sintered Ag/AgCl640,00732,00
ElectroCap Set II (2 caps, paste, supplies) *order only via Switzerland750,00750,00
ElectroCap cap, any size, tin electrodes *order only via Switzerland345,00345,00
Combination sensor (GSR, Heartrate, Temp)812,00895,00
HBI Database Basic Kitmore info heremore info here