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Alpha-Theta Reflections

Only for Cygnet®

Advanced Alpha-Theta Module with a lot of new features and sounds

Requires Cygnet® 2.0 or higher

Alpha Theta training guides the brain into a deep state. Auditive and tactile feedback is generated from assessment of the Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta activitiy of the brain by means of a sophisticated algorithm.

The Alpha Theta module is based on the algorithm developed by Dr. Othmer and Prof. Bachers and has been used by several predecessors of Cygnet. All of them used the same set of sounds. Since a long time we wanted to add other sound environments. Unfortunately, even simple changes can have significant influence on the effect. As always, we never make a new development available before it has not been tested thoroughly.

So, we are pround to present the new Alpha Theta module "Alpha Theta Reflections" after one and a half years of development. It contains a number of new sound environments to match the taste of almost anybody. In addition, spoken text can be included ("Guided Imagery"). For the transition from awake to deep state there are also visual effects such as a fire.

The "old" Alpha Theta basic module will remain integral part of Cygnet. The new Alpha Theta Reflections will be installed with all Cygnet versions from 2.0 on as evaluation version with 20 trials. After that, a license code may be ordered.

Audio test


Autumn leaves

Abstract water

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