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Synchrony for Cygnet®

The very first kind of EEG training that was ever done involved the famous alpha rhythm. 

This was the work of Joe Kamiya. Training to increase the alpha amplitude moved people to calmer and more controlled states, and this work found its first clinical utility in connection with anxiety management. At the neurophysiological level, the training enhances the local synchrony, or cooperativity, of the neuronal resources. Not many years after the initial discovery, it was found that by combining information from a number of cortical sites, the effect could be both deepened and strengthened. The difference here is that the training now promotes more global synchrony over cortex. 

With our new software, this kind of synchrony training can now be usefully done at different frequencies within the conventional EEG Spectrum, each serving a distinct purpose. The niche filled by this approach is one that is complementary to both infra-low frequency training and Alpha-Theta training. What we have here is a gentle approach that guides the brain to better function. Whereas the infra-low frequency training emphasizes the connection between arousal level regulation and affect regulation, the synchrony training emphasizes the connection between arousal regulation and attention. Synchrony training enhances and broadens our attentional capacities. If greater alertness is called for, that will be trained. If greater calmness is called for, that emerges as well. And overall there is an enhancement of the capacity to fully experience the present moment. To a significant degree the quality of our lives traces back to the quality of attention with which we engage the world. This faculty is worth training explicitly. 

This training appeals both to those who come with clinical concerns and to those who simply wish to enhance their mental abilities. This is the training that should appeal to nearly every person at nearly every stage of life. We therefore expect that it will broaden interest in neurofeedback to reach even those who are not driven to seek help because of their symptoms. For those who do come for their clinical concerns, synchrony training is an excellent complement to infra-low frequency training. 

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