EEG-based technologies for the relief of diagnoses and therapy of mental disorders.

Since the  Elektro-Enzephalogramm have been discovered beginning of the 20th century, the possibilies of those brain wave messurements, always have been overrated.  Thanks to modern signal processing, the stimulus processing of the brain can be reproduced with high temporal solution, that the possibility occurs to design a therapeutic intervention more specific.  Neurofeedback, a therapeutic form of the EEG is known since 45 years, but only in the last years it will be established more and more in psychiatric facilities to relief therapy. 

BEE Medic provides devices and software for both of those sectors. The products are based on the latest modern technologies and are approved as medical products class IIa (CE) and class 2 (FDA). 

BEE Medic Background

BEE Medic is part of an international group of companies that maintains close cooperations with clinical operations and research institutions, aiming to provide practical instruments for therapy, diagnostics and research.

Products & Services

BEE Medic offers practical systems for:
- Neurofeedback
- EEG/ERP Diagnostics
- Research